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5 Ways to Make Caramel Apples Look & Taste Even Better

Halloween Caramel Apple Recipes

From super freaky to corny, these caramel apples have it all—looks, taste, and texture.

Fun and Freaky

These creepy apples get a sprinkling of candied eyes for a super freaky special effect.

Spider Web Designs

Melt white chocolate chips, and pipe concentric circles on one side of your caramel apple. Pull a toothpick through the chocolate to form spider webs.

Peanut Butter and Caramel

Press colorful Reese’s Pieces candies into caramel coating for a burst of fall colors and peanut butter flavor. 

Corny and Sweet

Vibrant color and sweet one-of-a-kind taste make candy corn an ideal add-on to caramel apples.

Apple Crunch

It sounds simple, but crushed graham crackers is actually one of our favorite ways to coat a caramel apple. It’s not only less sticky, but the honey graham flavor it only made better with caramel.