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The Psychology Of Fear: Why We Love To Be Scared On Halloween

A witch holding a magic crystal ball.

The Fascinating Psychology Of Being Scared On Halloween Get ready for the best Halloween you’ve ever had! Take advantage of this holiday’s scary fun if you like being scared and getting a rush of adrenaline. But have you ever thought about why being scared on Halloween is fun? It all comes down to how the […]

Origins Of Modern Halloween: What Are The Historical Roots?

Origins Of Modern Halloween: Kids Smiling For Halloween

The History Of Modern Halloween People have been celebrating Halloween in many ways for a long time. It’s been around for years, but what we do and how we celebrate it have changed. This article from Halloween Land puts everything you need about this event’s history. Want scary costumes and decorations that won’t break your […]

4 Haunted Places To Visit Around Chicago

Graceland cemetery- known for its haunts

4 Haunted Places In Chicago Looking for some local frights this Halloween? Did you know that Chicago has a host of its own ghosts from disappearing hitchhikers to missing statues? Read on for four of the spookiest places in Chicago. 1. Resurrection Cemetery and Archer Ave. Chicago’s most famous ghost – Resurrection Mary – has […]