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19 Halloween Trees That Put Christmas Trees To Shame

19 Halloween Trees That Put Christmas Trees To Shame

Halloween Trees Putting Your Christmas Trees To Shame

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List Of Halloween Trees That Put Christmas Trees To Shame

The holiday season is right around the corner. That means you have to buy a tree, get it home, and decorate it. However, if you are still looking for the perfect tree, do not fret—we’ve got you covered. Here are 19 Halloween trees that will make your neighbors green with envy.

1. Spooky Spiderweb Tree

If you want to add a spooky twist to your Christmas tree, try adding spiderwebs and spiders. You can do this by putting web-like shapes made of white or black string around fake branches. Then, add some plastic spiders. Finally, light them all with tiny orange lights. By doing this, you’ll be sure to bring some Halloween flair into the room.

2. Coffin Tree

If you’re looking for something unique to add to your home, consider creating a coffin tree! All you need is a large wooden coffin and some Christmas decorations that fit the theme. You can make your room look like the inside of a cave. Hang up lights that look like flames and bats. Stick up painted skulls and tombstones. To top it off, place a few LED candles inside for added effect!

Pumpkin Tree
Pumpkin Tree

3. Pumpkin Tree

Pumpkins are an iconic symbol of Halloween, so why not make them the star of your holiday décor? You can make a pumpkin tree by stacking different sizes of fake pumpkins. You can put lights around the outside of it in different colors. You can also add decorations like hats, ghosts, and bats.

4. Skeleton Tree

What better way to show your Halloween spirit than with a skeleton-themed tree? You can start by making a base for your skeleton tree out of foam board. Cut out different shapes like triangles and then glue down two bones on each side to form an arch. After that, glue down pieces of painted white bones all around to form the branches. You can hang decorations like mini skeletons, skulls, or headstones onto these branches.

5. Witch Hat Tree

Want something witchy yet chic? Then try out this easy craft idea: witch hat trees! First, get different-colored witch hats. Make sure the caps don’t have brims, so they look like cones when you stack them together. Then use hot glue or double-sided tape to stick them together. Next, hang up your favorite decorations around it, such as a candy corn garland or small pumpkins.

6. Zombie Tree

Add an undead twist to your holiday décor with this zombie-inspired tree design! Start by making two cardboard trees. One should be smaller than the other. Cover the trees in tissue paper and glue gauze fabric onto them to make them look like zombies. Add skulls and other zombie decorations to make it look finished.

7. Black Light Tree

Bring nightlife vibes into your home with this cool neon black light tree idea! You can make your Christmas tree look different this year. Use UV-reactive decorations instead of regular ones, such as skulls, eyeballs, and bats. When it’s dark outside, these decorations will glow in the dark. This will make your Christmas tree stand out from all the others.

8. Haunted Mansion Tree

Use ideas from the Haunted Mansion ride to make your Christmas tree look spooky this holiday. Find pieces of furniture you don’t need and use them as platforms to show things that go with the theme. This can include pictures of a ghost, a cobweb made of cotton, and small pumpkins. To finish the look, put LED candles in glass jars and light them dimly.

9. Werewolf Tree

You can make your holiday decorations scary by using a werewolf theme. You will need some branches, wireframes, and black paper cutouts of wolves’ heads. Glue fake fur in various shades of gray around the branches, then hang up moon and crescent symbols.

10. Spider Tree

You can make your Christmas tree look spooky for Halloween by putting black spiders or webs on it. Make sure to put them on the tree evenly. You can also put flashing string lights on it to make it look spooky.

Spooky Spider Tree
Spooky Spider Tree

11. Vampire Tree

You can make your home look like a vampire castle for Halloween. You will need a fake Christmas tree and black velvet fabric. Wrap the fabric around the tree trunk and branches. Hang glass goblets, wine bottles, and crimson-red ribbons. Make spiderwebs with stripes. Put realistic vampire figurines among the foliage.

12. Poison Ivy Tree

Bring out your inner plant lover with this amazing poison ivy-themed tree design! Start by taking two artificial trees. One should be bigger than the other. Fill each tree with green leaves, vines, and flowers from a craft store. Once both trees are filled in, wrap red and purple twinkle lights around their trunks. Add a few mini poison ivy dolls at the base of each tree to complete the look.

13. Witch Tree

This Halloween, try decorating your Christmas tree with a witch theme. Start by covering an artificial tree in black or purple fabric. Add broomsticks, pointy hats, and cauldrons to the branches. You can also use clothespins to hang fabric cloaks from the tree. Finish by lighting up twinkle lights around the trunk.

14. Zombie Tree

When they see your zombie-themed Christmas tree, you will make everyone do a double take. Take an old artificial Christmas tree and start covering it in gauze fabric strips arranged like cobwebs. Glue on different zombie decorations, such as skulls or limbs, onto its branches. Don’t forget to set up zombie figurines among the foliage, too, if you want something extra creepy! Last but not least, finish your spooky tree with some bright orange string lights. Make sure to spiral them downwards toward the base trunk, so your guests will be mesmerized!

15. Pirate Ship Tree

To design a pirate ship Christmas tree, start by constructing the boat model. Decide what kind of vessel you want to create from plywood sheets and cardboard boxes. Add black cloth with holes to the sides of a cardboard box to make a sailboat. Add gold and white beads to the bow and stern. Then add some fake green Christmas trees inside.

16. Gothic Cathedral Tree

This year, try decorating your Christmas tree in a Gothic cathedral style. Start by buying two medium-sized artificial trees and wrapping them in black velvet fabric. Then, place them against opposite walls in the corner of a room, depending on how much space you have. Put things like stone gargoyles and pictures of windows with stained glass on the tree. When you’re finished, add a large chandelier in the center of the room to complete the look. It will be an elegant and unique addition to your Christmas decor!

17. Haunted House Tree

You will attract many people to your haunted house-themed Christmas tree. You can use cardboard boxes to make fake birch trees with lights and walls. You can draw on the walls and put decorations on them. If you want, you can use tissue paper to cover the walls. Make sure to keep within the color scheme you used earlier. Finally, plug in a few simple twinkle lights for an eerie yet beautiful ambiance.

18. Shadow Box Tree

Want to create a spooky Halloween tree? Start with a shadowbox frame. Put things in it, like spiders, pumpkins, and ghostly figures, to make it even more spooky! Turn on a light switch to create a backdrop of shadows and silhouettes. You can attract more attention to your frame by attaching bright lights to its edges.


Ice Cream Cones As Halloween Trees
Ice Cream Cones As Halloween Trees

19. Ice Cream Cone Tree

To create an ice cream cone tree, stack three large waffle cones together. Use hot glue to keep them in place. Then cover the whole thing with white crepe paper. Add a bit of glitter here and there to create a snow effect. Top off the tree later with pieces of candy shaped like ghosts, bats, and pumpkins. Hang garlands of colorful streamers near the base of the tree to represent “cone scoops.” Make sure to light up the tree with twinkling lights for a frozen treat masterpiece like no other!

These 19 Halloween Tree clip art are sure to put Christmas trees to shame! Get creative and turn your home into a spooky holiday wonderland with any of these ideas this season. No matter which tree you choose, you’re sure to have a great holiday celebration that everyone will enjoy. Happy Decorating!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re wondering what a Halloween tree is, it’s the same as a Christmas tree, except it’s orange and black, and the ornaments are Halloween decorations. It has become a viral phenomenon, with over 20,700 Instagram posts using the hashtag #halloweentree.



  • Begin with traditional ornaments. 
  • Shape and fluff
  • String up the lights
  • Separate the tree into sections
  • To add depth, mix large and small ornaments. 
  • Ribbons can be used to decorate
  • Fill in the blanks with picks



Collect a few large branches from your yard and spray them black. Allow the branches to air dry. If you can’t find branches with enough character or live in a city, try bending thick copper wire into the shape of branches. Spray the wire with black paint.



Begin by stringing white, orange, or purple outdoor lights around your trees. Then you can hang as many black witch hats as you want. They can be all the same size or a mix of sizes. With a Sharpie, color large paper clips black.



  • Figured Decoration. 
  • Ornaments made of glass. 
  • Decorated with lights 
  • Tree skirts and pillows 
  • Hanging Decoration 
  • Garlands
  • Trees with feathers
  • Jewelry