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DIY Halloween Costumes: Get A Head Start On Your Scary Attire

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DIY Scary Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner, and we all want to look the best! Preparing for Halloween night can be a quick task with the help of an expert. Of course, dressing up for Halloween should always be scary and quite eerie. Kickstart Halloween 2023 with your preparations. Halloween in Chicago is different, and we want to make it more exciting every year. Halloween Land Costume Superstore is a costume superstore you can always run to in Chicagoland. You can find your Halloween store near me, so make sure to check that out. Visit the largest selection of Halloween costumes in an area near you. 

Check our Instagram to get more ideas as you prepare for this year’s upcoming Halloween. Browse your options by visiting our online store today. Shop with us and find the best costume and accessories that are perfect for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Ideas For Scary Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

A piece of cloth and fabric won’t be enough to scare someone away. Explore your creativity by creating some DIY Halloween costumes. With Halloween Land’s options, you can create the perfect scary Halloween costumes for this year’s Halloween. You do not always have to spend big when it comes to Halloween costumes. 

Make your spooky holiday by embracing things that seem impossible. Let your imagination soar. Play with the options you can find in our store instead of starting from a pure scratch. To help you more, browse these scary but easy family Halloween costumes you can do by yourself:

1. A Mermaid Costume

Channel that inner mermaid with this quick and easy DIY costume. If you need props and accessories, you can always check Halloween Land to create one. Get that sleeve  green shirt in your wardrobe, and you are already halfway there. 

In creating the fin, you will simply need an apron and some cupcake liners. Make sure to fold the cupcake liners in half. From the bottom of the apron, attach the straight-folded part of the cupcake liner with a line of hot glue. Make sure that the round part is facing down. Alternate the two colors you are using and fill the entire apron. 

After doing this, start gluing by creating another layer of cupcake liners and overlapping it with the first line. Repeat the same procedures until you cover the entire apron. Now, you can tie it around your waist and pop on some wig! With your DIY mermaid costume, you are good to go!

mask horror costumes
DIY Halloween Costumes

2. Skeleton Costume

A skeleton costume is definitely a popular option for the kids. You would always see parents picking this up in our store and making their kids wear it. This is probably because it is a comfortable costume. Grab a long-sleeve black shirt and a pair of black sweatpants in your closet. Cut or tear a piece of duct tape and tape the length of the bone. Place it on the clothing for an ideal scale.  

To start with the DIY, draw the bone shape above the duct tape. Afterward, start peeling off the tape off and place it into a flat cutting mat. Use an exacto knife to cut out the bone shape. Once you are done cutting out the bone shapes, re-stick them into the clothing. To create a spookier vibe, add some accessories that Halloween Land offers. You can spice it up with some black-themed costumes from our store as well.

3. The Black Swan

Ever heard of the black swan? Maybe it is the perfect costume idea this Halloween! There are different types of birds you can choose from. But if you are going for a scary vibe, choose that black swan. Whether a kid or an adult is wearing it, it is a good option! This is a getup that everyone can ride on. Instead of going for the usual white shirt and leggings, go for a black one. 

You might also need to grab some black masks, a cardboard box, and some black metallic cupcake liners. Make sure to include black coffee filters and tape in your list. If you find it difficult to start from scratch, you can always select from the pieces available in our style. Get more creative until you achieve that black swan costume you want!

4. A Disco Ball Costume

Add some funk and pop to the Halloween night. It is not as eerie as you think, but be the shining star on a dark and spooky night. Get that groove on the floor with a disco ball costume. By using a large cardboard box, spray paint, and aluminum foil, you have everything you need. 

Once you have completed your supplies, cut two large circles from the cardboard box. Spray that silver paint on both sides of the circles. Wait for it to dry completely. While you are waiting for the circles to dry, cut out 1”x2” foil rectangles. Tear ½’ wide strips of duct tape and place them on the foil rectangle. Make sure you place it on the sticky side so it does not hang off. 

From the bottom part, stick the tape or foil banner you are using across the silver cardboard circle you made. Check if the layer overlaps the layer below. Ensuring it will create a tiled effect on your disco ball costume project. Trim or fold back the tape around the edges of the circle. It will help in maintaining the round “disco-ball” shape. Complete the two circles from back to front. 

In creating shoulder and chest straps, measure the length you will need. Place at least two strips of duct tape sticky side together. To finish the costume, tape the cardboard on both sides. By doing this, you can slip it over your head right away. 

two bone head costumes for Halloween
Scary DIY Costumes

5. Tree Headband

This costume is a rare option, so it’s something you should definitely try! Take your costume to the next level with a tree headband. Tree headbands can be inspired by kids’ fairy tales. You will only need to wear something that will make you look like a tree. A green top and brown bottoms, and you are good to go! If you do not like to spend too much time in creating a tree costume, browse Halloween Land’s shop today!

6. A Vampire Costume

Would you ever believe that you can create a vampire costume from plastic tablecloths? Well, that’s true! You will only need a layer of red and black plastic tablecloths on top of each other. 

From there, you can have the cape that almost every vampire would have. Make sure to trim the cloth that matches your height. Cut a scalloped edge from the top and bottom sides. To add more style, use some black ribbon that is about 18” from the top of the tablecloths. Fold them over the ribbon, then tie them around your neck. Fluff the tablecloths as much as it needs. If you do not have enough materials at home, you can always build from the pieces we have at our store. Who knows? Maybe you can spice up your vampire look more than you can think of. Do not hesitate to visit Halloween Land today! 

7. Queen Of Hearts Halloween Costume

You can never go wrong with a villain character on a Halloween night! You just need enough creativity to build that spooky vibe with your costume. Why not try an Alice in Wonderland-inspired costume? Pair a custom collar by wearing a long red dress. Pair it with some strong red lipstick and build that queen vibe. 

To create the collar, wrap a large piece of paper around your neck. Once done wrapping, start trimming it down to get the right size. Staple the cards from a deck and put them around the paper collar. Make sure to layer them to create a fanned-out effect. If you want to level up the look, check out the available red costumes and accessories we offer here at Halloween Land!

Finding the right Halloween costume can be tiring. Every year when Halloween comes around, you need fresh ideas to impress your guests. Remember to check the available things you can assemble at home. You will late be surprised by the ideas you can come up with. There might be clothes you plan to stash away in your closet. Look at them because who knows? Maybe you can use them! Take your creativity and imagination further with these Halloween costume ideas we have! You can never miss out on Halloween fun with the help of Halloween Land Costume Superstore. As you plan for the upcoming Halloween, let our shop be of service to you. Shop with us today and check out the nearest Halloween Land near you. Get the best costume and accessories by visiting our physical stores or by browsing online. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DIY Halloween costumes offer a creative and unique way to express yourself, save money, and stand out from store-bought costumes. Plus, they allow you to customize your costume to your liking and ensure a perfect fit.

Inspiration for DIY Halloween costumes can be found everywhere! Browse platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, explore costume tutorials and blogs, draw ideas from movies, books, or pop culture, or even brainstorm with friends and family.

You don’t need advanced crafting skills to make a DIY Halloween costume. Basic sewing, cutting, and gluing techniques can achieve many costume ideas. There are also no-sew costume options available for those who prefer simpler methods.

It’s recommended to start working on your DIY Halloween costume at least a few weeks in advance. Starting early allows you to gather materials, plan your design, and have enough time for adjustments or unforeseen challenges.

You can use plenty of budget-friendly materials for DIY Halloween costumes, such as recycled clothing, thrift store finds, cardboard, craft foam, fabric scraps, and even household items like aluminum foil or old newspapers.