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29 Scary Good Halloween Recipes To Make This Fall

Spooky Pumpkin Cake

Halloween Recipes To Make This Fall Many of us are getting ready for the fall weather. The fall weather is great because it’s not too hot or cold. You can also dress up in fall clothes! At Halloween Land Costume Superstore, we have recipes to help you prepare for fall. These recipes will help you […]

17 Halloween Snack Ideas For 2022! Super Easy, Super Fun Reference

halloween snacks and cookies on plates

Easy And Fun Halloween Snack Ideas For 2022 Are you looking for Halloween snack ideas for Halloween 2022? Well, you’re in luck! Halloween Land Costume Superstore has all the best snacks for this year’s Halloween. You can find a snack that matches the costume you want to wear. We have a lot of different food […]

Recipes for 10 spooky Halloween Cakes

A Spooky Halloween Cakes

A Spooky Halloween Cakes Halloween is a time of year where we like to get creative with food. From pumpkin pie to spooky cupcakes, the possibilities are endless! In this blog post, you will find recipes for 10 different Halloween cakes that will make your party guests scream with delight (unless they’re scared of cake). […]

Halloween Drinks for Kids: 10 Fun Ideas

Halloween Drinks for Kids: 10 Fun Ideas

Kid-friendly Halloween Drinks Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting times for kids. It’s a time when they can dress up in costumes and get candy from strangers without feeling weird about it! The only problem with Halloween is that there are some kids who might want to participate but don’t drink alcohol, […]

Halloween Cocktails You’ll Love: 15 Easy Recipes 2021

Halloween Cocktails You'll Love: 15 Easy Recipes 2021

15 Easy Halloween Cocktails Recipe Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start getting ready for parties! It can be overwhelming thinking about what drinks you should bring. We’ve compiled a list of Halloween cocktails that are perfect for any party – they’re tasty, easy to make, and will go […]

Monster Cookie Stack Recipe – Halloween Recipe

Halloween Cookie Stacks Recipe

Monster Cookie Stack Recipe – Halloween Recipe Ingredients: 1 roll (16.5 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated sugar cookies Pink, purple, brown or multicolored coarse decorating sugar Liquid food color, as desired 1 container (12 oz) vanilla whipped ready-to-spread frosting 1 tube (0.68 oz) black decorating gel (not food color) 30 miniature marshmallows 3/4 cup desired monster cereal, such as Frankenberry®, Boo Berry®, […]

Amazing Halloween Recipe Ideas For 2021!

Scary Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Amazing Ideas for Your Halloween Recipe This fall, the “Halloween treat” will become increasingly popular. In terms of this holiday, one of the most engaging activities is food and beverage displays at carnivals, festivals, and parties. Why do these treats have such special appeal? There has to be a gross element in it, as well […]

Super Easy To Make Halloween Witches’ Hats!

Halloween Recipe: Witches Hats

A cute, simple and easy to make little Halloween treat that everyone will love. The amount this recipe makes depends on how many cookies and chocolate kisses you have. It just depends on how many you want. Ingredients 2 (16 ounce) packages fudge stripe cookies 1/4 cup honey, or as needed 1 (9 ounce) bag […]

5 Ways to Make Caramel Apples Look & Taste Even Better

Halloween Caramel Apple Recipes

From super freaky to corny, these caramel apples have it all—looks, taste, and texture. Fun and Freaky These creepy apples get a sprinkling of candied eyes for a super freaky special effect. Spider Web Designs Melt white chocolate chips, and pipe concentric circles on one side of your caramel apple. Pull a toothpick through the […]

How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers Recipe!

How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers!

Halloween Monster Burgers! Want to make something creative this Halloween that will really get the attention of guests and kids. Check out our Halloween Monster Burgers Recipe! ?? First off, buy some good quality burgers (beef, turkey, vegetarian – whatever floats your boat) and grab a few crusty burger rolls, olives, cheese slices gherkins (pickles, […]