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How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers Recipe!

How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers!

Halloween Monster Burgers!

Want to make something creative this Halloween that will really get the attention of guests and kids. Check out our Halloween Monster Burgers Recipe! ??

First off, buy some good quality burgers (beef, turkey, vegetarian – whatever floats your boat) and grab a few crusty burger rolls, olives, cheese slices gherkins (pickles, if you’re across the pond) and lashings of ketchup. All these together make for one of my favourite Halloween food ideas this year! 

Cook the burgers, as usual, just make sure to cut the rolls on one side and slip the burger in. Add a few scary cheesy teeth and a long slice of gherkin for its tongue.

To finish off, prod two cocktail sticks in the top of the roll and add the olives (for eyes). This is all complimented with a messy serving of ketchup (for the blood). ?

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